Got a Big Idea?

Do you have a “Big Idea?” We’re talking an idea that can make the lives of our employees, our partners, or our community better? Well if so, we want to hear about it!

In an effort to encourage year-round innovation, we will utilize this “Big Idea” Online Submission Portal” to collect “Big Ideas,” suggestions and innovative ways to make Inktel better for all of us!

Ideas will be reviewed on a monthly basis and the best ideas will be implemented!

So go for it, don’t be shy! You never know- the best ideas are always the ones that at first seem just a little crazy.

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Previous “Big Ideas!”

Save energy by turning off our computers at night!

Such an easy gesture that can save tons of money and energy! This idea was implemented in 2010! – suggested by Jose Maldonado of Inktel Ft. Lauderdale.

Online classes for various topics

Let’s take IDEA to the next level and present it via live online video! This idea was implemented in early 2011! – presented by Joseph Garcia of Inktel Miami.

Interactive New Hire Orientations

An interactive client on-boarding process, featuring video, featuring a question-and-answer portion, etc. This idea was implemented in 2011!

Workday calisthenics

Daily stretches to get the blood circulating! This idea was implemented in 2011 with calisthenic education flyers being posted throughout the building! – suggested by Jose Reyes of Inktel Ft. Lauderdale.

An in-house cafeteria!

To develop either an in-house cafeteria, or to arrange for some form of catering, promoting healthy eating in the workplace! This idea is in the works! Menu selection, equipment selection and more has been finalized already; so stay tuned! – presented by Jeffrey Charles of Inktel Miami, winner of the 2010 “Big Idea” Contest and the $1,000 Grand Prize!