Leap Furthest — Quicker than the Rest

“…having the freedom to take on as much responsibility as your growth and energy allow.”

We better tell you upfront: our internship program is rigorous. But if you’re the Inktel type — you know, the kind that proactively seeks complex problems and completes projects with quality beyond expectations (in a third of the scheduled time) — then you will thrive with us. The reward of an Inktel internship comes from having the freedom to take on as much responsibility as your growth and energy allow. One week you can be presenting a new marketing strategy to the President of the company, or developing a new client acquisition program the next — on your own. The point is: at Inktel, you’re ultimately responsible for how high you climb.

To entrust our interns with so much responsibility we must be unusually selective in our hiring. For example, we averagely make offers to less than 4% of our nationwide applicants. It is vital, then, that you prepare for the selection process, which includes several rounds of interviews with Inktel’s key decision-makers, as well as multiple psychometric evaluations.

Internship Programs

We offer paid, year-round, part-time internships in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Chicago, as well as a paid summer internship program in all three locations. The summer internship program’s two sessions require at least ten consecutive weeks of work and begin either the first or the third week of June. Housing is provided if needed for summer interns. All undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply — major, school, and graduation year are not important, only talent and character.

We will also be offering permanent positions to an exclusive number of college seniors and graduate students in their last year of study.

You do not have to be a student at a participating school to be considered for an internship or for a permanent position. You may apply at any point in the year, but be advised that we receive a very large number of nationwide applications for a handful of placements and admission is granted on a rolling basis.

Jethro Steven Cessant

Former Corporate Training Assistant Intern

I would like to thank Inktel for being such a great company and helping me develop my confidence to tackle projects and opportunities that I might have ignored otherwise.

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