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Our Culture

Inktel has long been built upon the concept that “you can’t build a great company without great talent.” Our award-winning Human Capital Team is driven by our mission to hire the right people, provide the right training, the right leadership, the right toolset, and the right motivation to achieve the right performance. It’s what makes us who we are.

How do we do it? It starts with our corporate culture. A quick look at our social media sites should be enough to let you see that a performance-first environment begins with a corporate culture that recognizes high-achievers, has a laser-like focus on excellence, is actively involved in the community, and that isn’t afraid to have a little fun. Our Passion for People ™ is definitely what sets us apart – we live

What does that mean for our clients? It means the absolute best talent in the industry will handle your business. Talent that is passionate, driven to succeed, inspired to perform and measured according to how their performance impacts your bottom line.

Passion for People

Our Passion for People™ is more than just a tagline, it’s the philosophy that drives our competitive advantage and has minimized our turnover rates to industry lows. Our focus on people and employee-centric work environments lend themselves to a huge competitive advantage in the war for talent in the contact center industry. Inktel’s differentiation is in the caliber of talent we choose, the focus placed on selecting the very best talent, growing that talent, putting that talent in the best situation to succeed, and then recognizing and rewarding that talent properly. It leads to a happy workforce that genuinely cares about the work they are doing, industry-low turnover rates, and the very best talent in the industry. Inktel believes that the most important part of success with our clients is hiring the right teammates.

Below are 4 areas in which Inktel is different from its competition:

Partnership: Our sole objective is to build meaningful partnerships – partnerships that have the following characteristics:

  • Cultural Compatibility
  • Operational Transparency
  • Operational Accountability
  • Proactive Management

Personalized Solutions: Inktel develops personalized solutions that are focused on delivering value within the following areas:

  • Revenue
  • Cost savings
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

Our Performance: Our performance is based on the executing our “Customer First” operating model.

  • Right Training
  • Right Performance
  • Right Motivation
  • Right Leadership
  • Right Tools


Inktel held its first quarterly STRIVE awards of 2016! We had a very deserving team of winners and our cat and the hat theme made for an incredibly fun time. Please join us in congratulating Pepe on his win for Service, Lakisha on her win for Tenacity, Carmen on her win for Responsibility, Michelle for winning Integrity, Christina on her win for Versatility, and Austin on his win for Entrepreneurship! Congratulations to all!!

Inktel’s values are the embodiment of the acronym S.T.R.I.V.E:

Service: Demonstrates strong commitment to meeting the needs of co-workers, management and clients. Is an active participant or organizer in both Inktel community events and outside organizations.

Tenacity: Passionately strives to achieve results and conveys a strong need to win. Is resilient in the face of adversity and works towards a goal despite any setbacks.

Responsibility: Takes accountability for all work activities and personal actions. Holds themselves and others accountable for adhering to and promoting Inktel’s corporate culture and policies.

Integrity: Leads by example by keeping promises and commitments.

Versatility: Capable of adapting to various tasks. Navigates change in a positive way while taking on new responsibilities that have improved Inktel.

Entrepreneurship: Recognizes opportunities and takes action. Develops creative and innovative processes that make Inktel better.

The Podium

Inktel has its own public speaking and communications group called “The Podium”. It is equivalent to Toastmasters. The purpose of our group is to improve our verbal communication and speaking skills, learn how to better give and receive feedback, enhance leadership skills, collaborate and influence others, and increase our confidence, to name a few.


Through our iCares initiative, we give life to our philosophy of corporate responsibility for community and employee well-being. Actively partnering with charitable organizations, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our community – because we care.

iCares also demonstrates our commitment to the professional and personal development of our team. We strongly believe we can make a difference in the lives of our team members.

Because we care:

  • We consider every team member a vital part of the Inktel family.
  • We take great pride in recognizing individual accomplishments.
  • We foster a true team mentality through team building events.
  • We provide professional and personal development opportunities.
  • We work towards collective success and achieve industry-wide recognition.


At Inktel, we commit ourselves to the professional and personal development of our team. Inktel launched the Inktel Excellence Academy (IDEA) to provide its employees with instructor-led and self-paced online training courses committed to supporting employees in their professional and personal development. Our Inktel Excellence Academy (IDEA™) provides our employees with certification programs to enhance their essential business skills in areas such as business writing, time management and project management.

Our IDEA™ courses – primarily taught by Senior and Executive management – focus on delivering high-value content while providing an interactive atmosphere for discussion. As part of our business strategy and commitment to strengthen our talent pipeline and develop our future leaders.


This quarter, Inktel is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to grant a WISH for QA Coach, Tiffany!

Tiffany’s daughter is ill and it’s been both an emotional and financial challenge for Tiffany. Knowing she’s been going through a tough financial time, Tiffany’s coworkers all united to nominate her for Inktel’s wish-granting program! Inktel would like to help Tiffany get back on her feet by gifting her with $1,000 gift card to Walmart. We hope this money will help Tiffany buy the items she needs to provide her daughter with a safe and comfortable home.

Inktel Contact Center Solutions, a leading global provider of contact center services, recently launched its WISH program. WISH is an employee dream granting initiative—a program to grant the “wishes” of Inktel’s employees. WISH, which stands for “Where Inktel Spreads Hope,” invites employees to share “wishes” of all shapes and sizes for a chance to be granted by the company. Whether team members have a need to be filled, a goal to be achieved, a dream to be fulfilled, or a cause to be supported, Inktel is doing its part to make those wishes happen.



InkWell represents an ongoing commitment to physical, nutritional/chemical, and mental wellness at Inktel Contact Center Solutions. Through company activities, community events, guest speakers, wellness awareness campaigns, health fairs and much, much more, InkWell seeks to make the wellbeing of our most valuable resource, our people, a top priority.

InkWell is your home for healthy tips, news & notes, recipes, our calendar of events, and our stories of Inktel's journey to workplace wellness.


It’s always humbling to be recognized – especially when it’s in regards to our people. It’s a great feeling when others identify and recognize that our Passion for People™ is more than a slogan – it’s a way of life.

Female Leadership Working Group (FLWG)

The Female Leadership Working Group (FLWG) is made up of a group of women who are passionate about Inktel and passionate about creating and executing initiatives that contribute to the Inktel community or contribute to our external community. Over the years, the FLWG has led various volunteer initiatives such as toy drives for Toys for Tots, canned food drives, and fundraisers for Autism Awareness, the American Heart Association, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and various other charitable organizations. The FLWG has also spearheaded internal Inktel events such as Wellness Week, Customer Service Week, costume contests, Wacky Tacky days, and other events that highlight our culture and Passion for People™.

Community Sponsorships

Inktel is very proud of its involvement in the South Florida community and beyond.

We strive to support the growth of business and philanthropy in an effort to tackle the pressing issues facing our community, this nation and the world. Inktel supports and sponsors the following organizations:


Want to know what we’re made of? We are bonded by our common focus on one goal: excellence. We aspire to be a true partner, providing unrivaled service. We are entrepreneurs, we are service-oriented, we are tenacious, we are versatile, we are responsible. And at the heart of it all, we strive to act at all times with integrity – even when no one is looking. That’s our DNA.

Mission: To be our clients’ most valued and trusted business partner through unrivaled service.

Vision: To be recognized by our employees, clients, community, and peers as the standard for service and performance excellence.

Values: Here at Inktel, our values are the embodiment of the acronym S.T.R.I.V.E