eCommerce Expert Explores How Bad Customer Service Is Killing Your Brand


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eCommerce Expert Explores How Bad Customer Service Is Killing Your Brand

Over the past decade, online purchases surged, however as the world faces economic instability it is more important than ever before for ecommerce businesses to ensure their customer experience and feedback helps their business grow. According to a recent Prosper Insights & Analytics survey, over 50 percent of US Adults, 18+ say that it is “Important” or “Very Important” that there is a Toll Free “Live” Customer Service Person available when they are buying from a site online.

Qualtrics XM Institute found that companies with the best customer experience ratings outperformed their industry peers’ stock performance between 2019 and 2022 and doubled their lead over companies that provide poor customer experiences. Delivering top customer service is therefore essential for company growth particularly in the face of the market correction we have seen in recent months in eCommerce.

Customer reviews tell a company how their customers perceive them and how they felt about their experience; however, unlike direct customer feedback, online reviews are public and can be seen by competitors and other potential customers. According to eDesk’s own data of 2000 people who have purchased a product online, over 80 percent of buyers look at reviews of products online before they purchase them. Reviews generate trust and help build brand awareness and credibility.

Good reviews matter a great deal, on the flip side, bad reviews are also impactful to a business – negatively so. However, according to eDesk over 90 percent of respondents to their survey say they will talk with a customer services team member before leaving a negative review. They found that there is always something to help turn a negative customer service experience into a more positive experience.

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