Building A Culture Of World-Class Service - Inktel Contact Center Solutions

Inktel has always been committed to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers, community, and employees.

Even though service may be an important factor in the contact center industry, it has become more than just a tool for the success of our company.

At Inktel, delivering world-class service has become an intimate part of who we are and how we operate. It has become our DNA.

Serving Our Customers

Inktel understands that customer service can make or break a company. If customers do not feel valued, appreciated, and understood, all other aspects of the business are pointless.

Inktel’s Operations Manager, Kevin Weiner, explains that while he can’t directly control every call that a customer service representative handles, he does his best to influence each call. “I’ve made it a habit to say “good morning” and “have a nice day” when I arrive and leave the office as well as throughout the workday. The language we use in conversations has a big impact on our mindset. I constantly touch base with those around me to make sure they feel supported. By leading the way and making myself available for support, making a conscious effort to be approachable, and going the extra mile, those around me become equipped to do the same,” he explained.

Kevin makes it his mission to provide great customer service to his team. His team then does the same for their teams, who will in turn do it for each of their customers. And no one sells our business better than our customers.

Serving Our Community

In addition to serving customers, lending a hand in the community whenever possible has also been a top priority for Inktel. We aim to support the growth of business and philanthropy in an effort to tackle the issues facing our community, this nation, and ultimately the world.

When Inktel claims we have a “Passion for People,” we back it up. In fact, Jorel Rodriguez, a member of Inktel’s Leadership Development Program, says new hires are often taken back by Inktel’s unwavering commitment to serve the community. “They really start to buy into our service culture once they see for themselves all that Inktel does out in the community. It’s at that point when they realize they’ve just joined an organization that really does take “helping others” very seriously.”

Serving Our Employees

But Inktel wouldn’t be able to serve anyone if we didn’t have the support and cooperation of our employees. So how does our company get each individual on board with our commitment to service? Simple: By providing them with exceptional service as well.

Inktel’s Financial Controller, Christine Guzman, explains how and why this works. “One of the most inspiring things at Inktel is our eagerness to take care of each other, and that promotes an awareness that we can then extend outward. In being treated well, we learn that’s the way we should treat each other. It creates a sense of obligation beyond yourself when you realize it’s important and you just want to share that with everyone else.”

After years in this industry, Inktel has had the privilege to revolutionize the lives of others through its service culture. This, in turn, has transformed Inktel into a contact center company that not only has passion for this industry, but one that also has an intense Passion for People™.