Call Center Trends - Inktel Contact Center Solutions

At Inktel, we know that as time changes, people change, along with their needs and their wants. In order for us to service our customers and service them well, we understand that keeping up with top trends in the call center industry has to be a priority of ours. So as we continue to evolve, here are the top trends we’ll be focusing on.

1. Gamification To Encourage Employee Engagement

In a call center, employee engagement initiatives have to be especially encouraging and rewarding to ensure success. With gamification, a call center can incorporate some of the typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competitions, and rules of play) to other areas of the job to encourage participation. To be clear, gamification isn’t games, it’s applying game-based thinking to your business. As proven in a survey conducted back in February 2013, more than 70 percent of Forbes Global 2000 companies are either already implementing or had plans to implement gamification. Call centers should too.

2. Mobile-Based Customer Service Applications

As you can probably already tell, the modern consumer is more connected and informed than ever before. As you’ve also probably noticed, this is largely due to the fact that the modern consumer is glued to his/her phone for most of the day. In a world where 67% of customers use web self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions, mobile-based customer service apps seem like the perfect way to increase customer satisfaction. The reality is that mobile apps will give customers the opportunity to access information immediately, without having to contact a live agent. This means that information can be attained immediately without the hassle of being on hold or waiting for an email response.

3. Video-Support

Amazon has paved the way with its Mayday video support service available for Kindle products. It’s a single-click support system that lets users connect with a remote representative to help solve their tablet problems. The service allows you to connect with a remote tech support person in a small window on your screen, while also showing your screen to the support technician. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, it’s “very similar to having someone standing next to you” and offering tech support. At Inktel, we predict that this video trend will heavily impact the call center industry.

4. Customer Service Representative That Speak Multiple Languages

For call centers, the ability to source a ready supply of competent people will continue to serve as a huge advantage. This is largely due to the fact that clients anticipate their new business lines to launch with the right number of agents and the right skills ready to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Consider this: a 2011 study from the European Commission found that 42% of consumers never purchase products and services in other languages. Therefore, a call center with readiness and availability of large talent pool to cover the multi-channel and the multilingual needs of clients will make it a preferred partner and ensure a sustainable high performing culture.