Can you make the cut to become one of our customer care experts?

Inktel selects only the best and the brightest to be a part of our cutting-edge organization. We surround ourselves with a team of forward-thinking professionals who aren’t afraid to push the limits. You’ll find we value:

  • Fearlessness. We’ll expect you to be a leader who is prepared to develop and oversee ambitious projects – without asking for permission.
  • The will to overcome challenges. Our high-energy environment is constantly growing, so challenges are a daily occurrence. You’ll need to clear the hurdles by making split-second decisions and adapting at a moment’s notice.
  • Entrepreneurship. Because we’re never satisfied with just “good,” we’re always on the lookout for the innovation to move our business forward. Our people channel their creativity to get us from “good” to “great.”

We know that these qualities are hard to come by. That’s why we’ll give you the tools you need to drive your capacity for growth and energy forward:

  • Freedom. Who has time to deal with excessive bureaucracy? We focus not on red tape, but on results. Interaction with ALL levels of our organization. One moment you’ll be brainstorming with a colleague; the next, you’ll be working on a project with one of our senior executives. We foster open dialogue between our employees.
  • Brilliant colleagues. Interacting with such talented, passionate people will motivate you to reach your professional potential.
  • An amazing community. Miami is “One of the Happiest Cities to Work in” ( 2011); we live and work in paradise!


Our dynamic Operations Team is currently in search for a Customer Service Representative

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