Beauty E-Commerce Case Study


Client is one of the largest Direct Marketing companies, creating a portfolio of uniquely branded, high profile, high recognition beauty brands.


  • Client was looking for a partner to help protect revenue from customers cancelling their subscription service. Client offers beauty trials which allow their customers to sample the products for 30 days before committing to the purchase.
  • Client needed a team of beauty experts who could sell premium packages of Client’s product offerings and retain dissatisfied customers using similar offerings.
  • Inktel’s client performance tracker to optimize reporting and visibility into contact center metrics.
  • 10-30% AHT reduction.
  • Call prioritization solution which could prioritize calls based on customer need and specific call types


  • Revenue protection solution that would reduce up to 30% customer churn.
  • IVR Technology to identify customers based on need then routing them to the specific agents and queue designed to best handle the customer’s need.
  • Reverse-data lookup feature that recognizes ANIs for detailed customer profiles.
  • Specialized training and agent pool designed for customer retention, cross-selling, acquisition and certified world class customer service.