Retail E-Commerce Case Study


Client is one of the world’s largest retailers with over 2.2 million employees operating in more than 90,000 locations. Client’s website offers more than 1 million products, including downloadable music and videos, as well as a digital photo service center.


  • Client is expanding by offering merchandise from other retailers through its new virtual mall.
  • A flexible partner who is able to support their .com operating unit through their peak and non-peak seasons.
  • Implementation and management of operational components in a much larger-scale setting.


  • Flex Based Staffing / Scheduling. Inktel identified gaps in .Com’s agent support model at several peak periods of retail operations. Inktel implemented varying “floating” schedule models that allowed .Com to meet SL’s across all day-parts.
  • Support of overflow email volume to maintain agent utilization in the 80%+ for all channel support.
  • Peak Staffing: Ramp flexibility up to five times steady state operations. Having the benefit of fluctuating schedules allows Inktel to offer maximum head count during peak periods.
  • Implementation of a dedicated Quality Assurance team with over 15 years of restaurant experience that focuses on the direct feedback of customer satisfaction surveys.


  • “Value Based” agent model allows us to cross-train CSR’s on all Client services: .Com, Private Brands, email, and Store Support.
  • CSAT scores exceed internal .Com operations
  • Flexible staffing model supports up to 50% of .Com’s overall staffing model at certain periods.
  • Increased First Contact Resolution rate by 15%