How to Transfer Calls via Grasshopper’s Phone Tree - Inktel Contact Center Solutions

*We recommend making these changes when the Restaurant is closed.

  • Visit Grasshopper at
    • LOG IN using your Restaurant’s email and password. You will be directed to the Portal Dashboard.
    • Select the Settings tab from the top right of the screen
    • Select Extensions, select Catering, then click Edit
  • Click Add a Forwarding Number
    • Type the new Forwarding Number (supplied from lnktel)
    • Set Ring for … 5 seconds and select Direct Connect
    • SAVE & CLOSE
  • For “How Should Grasshopper handle calls to this number?”
    • Check “Calls will connect to you as soon as you pick up”
  • Description: Label This VCA
  • Change When Do You Want to Receive Calls?
  • Click to change the 24/7 option to Custom Schedule
  • Add Time Slot for Monday- Friday 9AM- 8PM EST (hours are subject tochange)

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