How to Transfer Calls Via Ring Central’s Phone Tree - Inktel Contact Center Solutions

* We recommend making these changes when the Restaurant is closed.

  • Visit RingCentral at
  • Enter your Restaurant’s phone number or email and password. You will be
    directed to the Admin Portal:
    • Select the Users tab from the top left of the screen
    • Click on the Catering extension from the list of users (usually Ext. #1)
  • Scroll down to Call Handling & Forwarding and CLICK on it
  • Select the Advanced tab to create Custom Answering Rules:
  1. +Add Rule and name it “VCA”
  2. Select Next to Define Conditions:
    • Check Called Number: Click Select Number> Select guest-facing Restaurant
      Number+ catering extension (Ex: 555-555-5555 +1)
    • Check Date and/or Time: Select 9AM- 8PM Monday-Friday (hours are
      subject to change)
  3. Select Unconditional Forwarding:
    • Type Toll-Free # from lnktel in the Forward Calls box
  4. Click Save
  5. Make sure to turn on the ACTIVE toggle button (changes to Blue)
  6. Place a test call to ensure proper forwarding

RingCentral Support

  • Scott McGee – Account Representative/Team Lead (for new service accounts)
    • Mobile/Fax/Office: 720-608-4514
    • Email:
  • RingCentral Direct Support Line – (888) 898-4591
    • RingCentral will extend special pricing to Chick-fil-A Operators
    • 15% off the listed monthly service price (service could cost $23-$33 per month)
    • 50% off phones (additional promotions may apply)