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What could you do in seven minutes? We know what you’re thinking: Not a lot. Except you’re wrong, because seven minutes is a lot longer than you might think. You could make a perfect soft boiled egg in that time. You could shower and shave. Or you could listen to the entirety of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and still have a minute to spare.

a man standing in front of a computer: We're bringing you seven straight days of 7-minute workouts in partnership with Degree, with proceeds going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

© Peter Muller – Getty Images We’re bringing you seven straight days of 7-minute workouts in partnership with Degree, with proceeds going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Or you could complete a workout that’ll help you get stronger and move better — and just might transform the way you think about fitness.

It’s this last thing that Men’s Health is challenging you to do next week, during the “7 to Strong” Challenge, presented by Degree. From June 6 to June 12, we’ll bring you seven workouts that are all of seven minutes long on our Instagram channel. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), a world leader in helping people with physical challenges lead active, healthy lifestyles.

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The “7 to Strong” program is based on the theme of our June issue: “Every Body Is Strong,” which celebrates the physical strength and emotional fortitude in every body—from short or skinny to stocky or tall. Through the “7 to Strong” challenge, participants will find a different Men’s Health-approved seven-minute workout to try each day for seven days, from June 6 to June 12. Each session will be headed by one of the brand’s top coaches, meaning you’ll get to sweat with fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, UFC veteran Bobby Maximus, kettlebell guru Marcus Martinez, and veteran trainer David Freeman. Strength coach David Otey, physical therapist Dan Giordano, and Top Trainer winner Jah Washington round out the group of trainers.

Each workout will prove that you can get a good workout in under 10 minutes. For decades, we’ve been wired to think that you need to carve out significant time for the gym, but, truth be told, you can burn fat and get good movement into a much smaller window of time. These are also workouts that everyone can do.

To participate, visit Men’s Health’s “7 to Strong” site and complete one 7-minute workout each day. Then donate $7 (or more!) to the CAF, and tag seven friends to spread the word. And don’t forget to share photos and videos of all the new moves you learn in each of your seven-minute workouts on social media with the tags @Degree, @MensHealthMag and #7ToStrongChallenge. You may even get reposted by Men’s Health.

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