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Fashion and Luxury Good Retailer


One of the world’s leading international fashion houses and luxury goods company founded
in 1854. Its products include leather goods, handbags, trunks, shoes, watches, jewelry, and


Engagement Rate


Above client revenue goal


Increased Chat Tool Utilization


To proactively address inbound customer support needs via phone and email during peak
season while maintaining quality white glove customer service.

Inktel Customer


To address the clients inbound customer support needs during peak season, Inktel focuses on
recruiting and quality assurance.


Recruiting: Inktel focuses on recruiting more elevated candidates by utilizing searches for
brands/ companies that we know train and have a history of elevated team members such
as, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Emirates and Qatar airways etc. Also, we
search concierge/tourism background at luxury hotels/cruise lines.

In 2020, Inktel recruiting team helped the client ramp up from 50 Client Advisors to 125+
Client Advisors for Q4 holiday peak. Our goal for 2021 Q4 holiday peak is to ramp from 60+
current Client Advisors to 180+ Client Advisors.


Quality Assurance: Assign designated Quality Analysts where they’re able to audit and reaudit
calls, develop workshops based on the area of opportunity in low score sections from the
client score card. The QA team also helps to identify coaching opportunities to ensure that the
Client Advisors are always elevated, providing accurate information and delighting the client.
We are able to act in real time by having TM’s do side by sides, live call listening and with the
audits performed by both QA and the TM’s so that we can coach the Client Advisor on ways
to improve so that we don’t have to worry about them not remembering the call and we’re able
to have improvements for their next call.

  • QA hosts daily calibrations with team managers, OM and AE
  • Client’s Dallas QA team hosts weekly calibrations with Inktel QA team to make sure
    we are calibrated
  • Client’s Dallas QA hosts weekly calibrations with Inktel TMs, OM and AE
Inktel Customer

Each team has daily incentives focused around Quality and branch out into specifi c categories
from the scorecard such as, building conversation with each client so that each call is nontransactional,
building a connection with the client is very important especially when “daring
to propose” relevant items to the client. We also make sure that each Client Advisor is always
using elevated language/verbiage and that at the end of the day, we are delighting the client and
providing world class white glove customer service.

Building conversation helps Client Advisors to dare to propose relevant items which helps “add
to the basket”/ “Link sell” to increase sales.

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