Making Someone Else’s Day - Inktel Contact Center Solutions

I must confess; I love those heart-warming stories that you see on the Internet or hear about in the evening news in which one person did an act of kindness that “made someone else’s day”. They really touch me. Part of my morning ritual, in fact, is to seek out those stories online and read a few before I start my day, as they inspire me. I love being reminded of how wonderful people can be.

Here at Inktel Contact Center Solutions, a leading provider of contact center services, we actively seek out “World-Class Customer Contacts”, where someone at our company has done something just a little extra to “make someone else’s day” during a customer interaction. As a management team, we share these calls, emails, and social media posts with each other so that we can learn from other experiences and share what “world class” and “making someone else’s day” really mean. We also teach them in our training sessions with our front-line representatives so they can emulate these world-class behaviors. It’s a big part of how we train and develop our personnel.

I was listening to one of these world-class calls last week, and I simply have not been able to get this call out of my head. It was a poignant example of how a small act of kindness can have such a tremendous impact. Let me set the stage…

We handle calls for a governmental entity that provides public transportation services for people who are mentally and/or physically challenged. As you might expect, this is a population that is not given much time or attention by the general public. Many of the callers are lonely, and their call to our contact center may be their one and only interaction with another human being that day.

So on this day, one of the grumpier “regulars” called in to confirm his ride for the next day. He started the call by aggressively stating his customer number. What happened next though was pure magic. Upon hearing his voice and his customer number, our representative immediately said, “Hi John! Where have you been? I missed you!” He started laughing and chatting and seemed so proud to hear the words “I missed you.” Based on his reaction, I don’t think he hears those words very often. It simply made his day that she “recognized” and that she then took it a step further to say she missed him. She could have easily just said hello, given him the information he needed, and then politely ended the call, and it still would have been a great interaction. However, by adding just three little words (“I missed you”), she made the interaction world-class and truly made someone else’s day.

I hope we all remember in whatever line of work we do and wherever we are that we always have the opportunity to make someone’s day. It does not need to be a grandiose gesture. Sometimes it’s just a few small words that can make all the difference.

I am so proud to be a part of a company that makes the quest of “making someone else’s day” a corporate goal that we strive to achieve each and every day. I sincerely hope other companies join us in our quest. While we likely won’t be world-class every day, that doesn’t mean we will ever stop trying!!!