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A French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products. Featuring nearly 3,000 brands. Client believes beauty is for each person to defi ne and ours to celebrate. Together, we support and encourage bold choices in beauty—and in life.


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To be a center of excellence across email and chat channels and provide exceptional, personalized service that aligns with the store experience and diff erentiates us amongst our competition.


Inktel launched the Operational Performance Optimization System (OPOS).

The Inktel Operational Performance Optimization System is a tool to drive employee engagement and development of key measured behaviors.

The Inktel Operational Performance Optimization System was specifi cally designed to facilitate coaching from leaders to direct reports by developing a systemic plan to schedule coaching sessions with the leaders’ direct reports on a daily and weekly basis.

This system was used as an interactive development tool and resulted, high CSAT (6.7% with a goal of 3.7%) and high attendance (improved by 4%) as members of all levels were engaged and committed to the vision of a world class customer experience.


The Inktel OPOS includes the following:


  • Monthly Team Evaluation – An at a glance document that allows managers to see the team’s performance. At a cumulative team level and an individual employee level. Also gives a snapshot view of why team members work at Inktel.
  • Manager Weekly Plan – The prescriptive educational lesson plan for each member of the leader’s team. Detailing strengths and opportunities by team member and what will be done that week to improve rep performance.
  • Manager Daily Plan – Tactical plan on how each day is handled to include specifiic coaching plans and follow-ups, administrative items and motivational contests to enhance morale and team performance.
  • Contest Plan – Competition and KPI awareness are key elements to success within a contact center. This worksheet is to assist the supervisor to focus on development and maintenance of monthly/weekly/daily and hourly competitions.

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