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Jewelry Retailer Case Study


A well-known, publicly-traded international manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of jewelry
that was founded more than 30 years ago. Its products are available globally and include
bracelets, earrings, charms, rings, necklaces and more.


Engagement Rate


Above client revenue goal


Increased Chat Tool Utilization


To field all inbound E-Commerce customer service contacts for the North American market
(Canada and United States – including PR) throughout the year, and especially during peak
seasons like Mother’s Day, Cyber Week, and the Holidays. Inbound channels that need to be
serviced include phones, chats, email, and social media.


To ensure quality, year-round customer support for the client’s E-Commerce channels, Inktel
relies on well-planned recruiting, a fl exible training model that cross-trains agents to handle
multiple channels as volume dictates, and continuous and robust client engagement on a daily
basis all while exceeding set KPIS.

For recruiting, Inktel looks for jewelry enthusiasts that have previously worked in retail or
for online customer service, ideally from luxury brands and/or companies with an excellent
reputation for customer service.

Due to high volume periods during peak seasons, Inktel’s recruiting team developed (and now
utilizes) an adaptive form of training that can be done online/remote, or in-person. This allows
employees that are experts in their channel communication to train to also being strong at
using the other channels, and for a mix of remote employees to allow for geographically broad
recruiting eff orts to continually bring in quality talent, regardless of state lines.

Inktel Customer Service Agent

In 2020, Inktel’s recruiting team helped the client ramp up from around 100 Jewelry Support
Specialists to a peak of more than 750 during Q4 all while exceeding the set CSAT score

To maintain this quality Inktel has, from the ground up, created a custom Quality Assurance
scorecard with client input to grade interactions handled by our Jewelry Support Specialists,
with specialized versions for phone, chat, email, and social media interactions. In addition,
we have a dedicated team of Quality Analysts that audit and re-audit calls chats, emails, and
SM interactions and work in conjunction with our Ops team to coach any stragglers that miss
pre-determined CSAT and Scorecard goals. This allows for constant improvement, ensuring
quality even during the busiest periods of the year.

Our Client Relations team is in constant contact with our various client contacts, hosting a
scheduled, formal Weekly Status Call and scheduled Weekly Calibration. In addition, there are
daily informal touchpoints to ensure things are running smoothly, which also allow for any
issues to be quickly called out and addressed.

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