Where Inktel Spreads Hope

Do you or someone you know at Inktel have a need, a goal, a dream, or a cause that has always seemed just too far out of reach? It’s time to WISH. Inktel has created an initiative to grant the dreams of our most valuable resource, our people.

Inktel employees are invited to submit their wishes or refer a deserving friend. Each quarter, finalists will be selected and 1 wish will be granted!

You provide the dreams. We provide the hope.

Where Inktel Spreads Hope

Do you know an Inktel employee with a WISH? Tell us about it.

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Who is Eligible?

To be considered for WISH, the person receiving the wish must:

  • Be a full time Inktel employee
  • Have been with Inktel for at least 1 year
  • Be in good standing for at least 6 months with no prior performance or attendance records
  • Have not had a previous WISH granted
  • Grant Inktel permission to share the details of the Wish internally and on our social media platforms

What makes a WISH?

A WISH can be:

a NEED: “I could really use _____________________________."

a GOAL: “One day I hope to ____________________________.”

a DREAM: “I always dreamed I’d be able to ________________.”

a CAUSE: “I would like to give back to ____________________.”