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Do you have a friend, loved one, or co-worker who has a dream, goal, or need, but just seems too far out of reach for them to accomplish? Or would you like to give back to an organization that inspires hope in the community? The Inktel WISH Initiative is here to help! To make a WISH, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

*Self Nominations Prohibited

Are you eligible to make a nomination

To be considered to make a WISH for a friend, loved one or co-worker, you must:

  • Be a full time Inktel employee
  • Have been with Inktel for at least 1 year
  • Be in good standing for at least 6 months with no prior performance or attendance records
  • Have not had a previous WISH granted
  • Grant Inktel permission to share the details of the Wish internally and on our social media platforms

What makes a WISH?

A WISH can be:

A NEED: “They could really use _____________________________."

A GOAL: “One day I hope they ____________________________.”

A DREAM: “I always dreamed they'd be able to ________________.”

A CAUSE: “I would like to give back to this organization because, ____________________.”

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