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Did you know…Lemon oils are proven to help with depression?

Lemons are good for us because of their high vitamin C content

That much we all know. Lemons are used to helping cure colds because they’re filled with vitamin C which helps the body fight back against colds or flus.

Lemons alkalize your body

A lot of people believe lemons are acidic because of how they sting a cut or wound. The reality is lemon juice is acidic on its own, but when it is absorbed by the body, alkaline materials are produced and consuming lemon juice can help neutralize your body instead of being acidic. Research shows cancer is more likely to appear in people who have a more acidic body PH.

They’re good for your liver

Fresh lemon juice added to a glass of water first thing you wake up in the morning is an excellent way to detoxify the liver.

They’re good for your bowel movements

Lemon juice helps regulate your bowel movements through peristalsis, so you’re not constipated.

Helps avoid gallstones and kidney stones

The citric acid present in lemon juice helps dissolve kidney stones and gallstones.

It’s a cure for scurvy

Naval surgeon James Lind discovered that the cure for scurvy was to have fresh lemon juice every few hours. Even today the British navy requires lemons to be present on board before a voyage.

Lemon juice is an antibacterial

Lemon juice is proven to kill bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, and malaria among others.

Lemons contain 22 cancer-fighting compounds

Lemons contain limonene, oils, and glycosides which all help in preventing or treating cancer.

It helps to breathe

Edmund Hillary was the first one to climb Mount Everest. He said having lemons helped his breathing and greatly influenced his success in conquering Everest.

Lemons help with eyesight

Lemons contain a compound called rutin, which has helped treat symptoms of eye disorders such as diabetic retinopathy. Don’t squeeze lemon juice into your eyes though! You have to ingest it for it to work!

These are some health benefits; you can have by consuming lemon juice. Some advantages people don’t know are the perks of only the aroma of lemons and why you should put cut up lemons in your room every day.

Here are some of those benefits:

You can relax

The aroma coming from lemons contains citrus which helps calm you down by reducing tension, anxiety, and nervousness.

You will concentrate more

Inhaling the citrus aroma of a lemon every day will make you focus more, and will improve people’s memory. Japanese scientists believe people make fewer mistakes at work if they have the smell of citrus around them, so it is a good idea have some lemon in your office.

It boosts your mood

Since most people like the smell of lemons, it automatically improves their mood if they smell it. Lemon oils are proven to help with depression, so if you’re feeling down these days why not try this sunny fruit out to help pick you up?

The air in your room will be cleaner

Lemons have a pleasant aroma but also have bactericidal properties. It will help clear bacteria from the air in your room.

Lemons contribute to reducing blood pressure so if you suffer from hypertension than putting cut up lemons near you is a good way to try to reduce it.

 It’s also an insect repellent

Insects like flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc. are unlikely to stay in a house, which smells like lemons so you can save your expenses on buying harmful chemical repellents and just use lemons. Sticking cloves into those lemons will have added effects as well.

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June 22, 2017