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Software Solutions

Our Software & Analytics Suite Drive Centralized, Actionable Intelligence

Thanks to advances in customer service technology, interactions with consumers are more personalized and data-driven than ever before. No matter which communication channel a consumer uses, our representatives not only have access to a vast database of brand/product information, but they also have the ability to view a consumer’s entire contact history with the brand.

Imagine being greeted by name and asked how you’re liking your most recent pair of shoes when you reach out to place a new order? Sound far fetched? Think again.

This level of world-class digital service is the standard for Inktel and its client.

Inktel Omni-Channel Solutions

In order to best position our clients for online growth, Inktel has developed a proprietary software suite called the Inktel Communication Exchange (ICE). ICE integrates customer relationship management (CRM), data analytics, quality assurance, and knowledge base portals and centralizes all communication channels (voice, chat, email, social, etc) for a true omni-channel experience.

With ICE, Inktel clients are able to make the best possible real-time business decisions.

From predicting product recalls to monitoring consumer tastes and preferences for future product iterations, ICE is the ultimate customer service, online analytics, and market research tool.

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